R&D Tax Consultant

Georgie Cruttenden

Headshot of Georgie Cruttenden

Georgie is a Ramp;D Tax Consultant at Liberty Collins. Graduating in 2019 with a BSc in Physics from Queen Mary University of London, she has had the opportunity to work within advance science groups across the UK. Georgie has had experience within all areas of high value project development from initial conception through to delivery including project management and business development. Her work has predominantly been within Ramp;D-focused teams such as autonomy, material sciences and cryotechnologies, providing compelling business cases for areas of upcoming development.

Through three years spent working within the defence industry, Georgie is competent when speaking to engineering professionals and identifying technological and scientific advances for tax purposes. Georgie has excellent communication skills with a proven track record of contributing towards significant developments in various areas of science and technology.

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