R&D Tax Manager

Virali Patel

Virali is an ACA qualified R&D Tax Manager at Liberty Collins. Her experience spans working with one of the top R&D Tax Consultants in the UK and has claimed over £10m in benefit for SMEs and RDEC companies.

Virali has 5 years of R&D tax experience since graduating, including 2 years of Corporation Tax experience at an accountancy firm. She works on the delivery team at Liberty Collins and is passionate about helping innovative businesses grow and bridges the gap between HMRC and clients. An integral part of her role is providing a high-quality, personalised service to all clients and educating them on the R&D guidelines. Virali creates high-quality reports which go through a vigorous Quality Assurance process, ensuring we identify any opportunities to include additional projects and costs, alongside any areas that could appear high risk to HMRC.

Virali helps improves all areas of the process from preparing and reviewing claims to providing in-house training covering subjects of; Anti-money laundering, quality control, etc. She also provides R&D tax training covering complex areas such as; grants, capitalised expenditure, qualifying activities and costs.

Virali is currently extending knowledge through the CTA qualification which will be completed by 2023.

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