Head of Life Sciences & R&D Tax Consultant

Younes Hassanpour

Younes is a technical R&D Tax Consultant specialising in working within the Life Sciences and Engineering sectors. Younes is part of the delivery team at Liberty Collins. With a D.Phil in Organic Chemistry from Oxford University and an MSci in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Queen Mary University of London, Younes has extensive knowledge in; total synthesis, new product development, process design and development, medicinal chemistry, new methodology developments, analytical chemistry and GMP & GLP clinical trials drug synthesis. This allows him to have fluid conversations with all clients from the Life Sciences sectors.

Younes has exemplary communication, organisation and leadership skills with a proven track record of preparing as well as executing high-quality project plans and programs, ensuring that work is carried out in accordance with the companies’ procedures and research satisfaction. He’s capable of delivering timely, safe and cost-effective design during the life cycle of projects from conception through to the delivery.

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