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Our team has a wealth of industry and strategic expertise. This allows us to really understand the projects you undertake in your business and think on our feet. Here are some of the industries we have expertise in:

Construction – FRA COMPLIANCE

We’ve worked with businesses who are developing new products to allow for fire-safe enclosures to be constructed in a variety of situations.


We’ve worked with a number of businesses who are developing energy-saving building designs, techniques and technologies.


There’s always a number of R&D projects in the software sector. We’ve worked with businesses that are working on custom-built technology, increasing efficiency and creating bespoke integrations.

 Agri-food Sector

The Agri-food sector is increasingly exploiting new science and technology. For example, projects to develop a new feed or to grow crops.


We’ve worked with a number of architecture businesses that are looking at modular construction, 3D printing, and BIM Modelling.


In the automotive sector, projects are undertaken to maintain an engine’s performance while making it substantially lighter, cheaper, or faster to produce. This can all qualify as R&D.

Construction – BUILDING

An increasing number of construction businesses undertake R&D to exceed the traditional methods in terms of life expectancy of buildings, durability or robustness. This is an area we have a lot of expertise in.


R&D is increasingly providing an important competitive edge in the engineering sector. We’ve worked with businesses that are looking at ways to reduce eco-unfriendly emissions, solving new challenges, improving performance.

Artificial Intelligence

This growing sector undertakes significant R&D. We’ve worked on projects that look at machine learning, where algorithms are used to perform actions without specific human direction.

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